Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons

July 24th, 2016


It's been a while since anything was added, but there's a couple of exciting updates for you.  Firstly, Rhiannon returns to the world of erotica with a new short story, MAKE LOVE TO ME.  This sensual tale of seduction is rather personal and has taken years to write.  We hope you like it.


Secondly, a new article has arrived.  Check out Rhiannon's TOP 13 HORROR MOVIE FRANCHISES.


And last, but by no means least, take a look at THE SECRET STORY which is the next tale of terror to be made into film.  Yes, that's right.  After Asylum, Rhiannon has decided to turn a few more of her tales into mini movies.


More updates coming soon!



May 15th, 2016


On May 12th, WOLF CREEK TV was released on Australian live-streaming server, Stan.  Now, Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons brings you a review of the six part miniseries and shows you that it's not quite safe to return to Wolf Creek.



April, 19th, 2016


We're back!  After having server issues and then Adobe issues, we can finally get back to updating the site.


Let's kick things off with a bang.  CARNIVALE has arrived at Warner Bros Movie World and we were treated to the opening night.  Check out the review of the not-to-be-missed experience.


Stealing the Horror Icon Spotlight this month is non other than The Walking Dead's MICHAEL ROOKER.  Rooker is certainly a fan favourite and a well deserving Horror Icon.


CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL KILLER is a story about a real Femme Fatale and is next in line to receive the story to movie treatment.  Check out the original story.


The Asylum movie is also coming along nicely.  Filming begins on June 24th, but until then, we have a surprise.  A teaser trailer has been launched with a rather haunting melody.  Do you dare to spend the night at the ASYLUM?

















March 3rd, 2016


It's been a while since there's been a brand new story featured here on but it was certainly worth the wait.


THE MIRROR'S REFLECTION is a brand new tale of terror that ponders what life would be like on the other side of the looking glass.  Forget Alice, this story is enthralling from the first paragraph.


Stay Spooky!


February 18th, 2016




We can officially confirm today that Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons has locked in her location for the filming of Asylum.  That’s right.  Rhiannon has taken her first steps towards creating her first ever short film.  The script is complete, the location is set, and casting is getting underway so if you live in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area and want to get involved, here’s your chance.  Email for all the spooky details.



Continue to watch this space as there will be more announcements coming, including how you can appear in Asylum.


If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the original story that this film is based on.  ASYLUM is the very first reader point of view story Rhiannon has ever written.


Until next time,


Stay Spooky!



February 1st, 2016


Ahhh good to be back.  After having a glorious month off, we have so much to talk about this coming year.  2016 is going to be explosive.  New Horror Icons are coming, a short film is in the works and there's also a special surprise in store for you, dear readers.  But first, let's get down to business.


NEVE CAMPBELL is stealing our Horror Icon Spotlight this month.  This beauty has kicked some serious ass through an entire franchise, proving this is one Scream Queen you don't want to mess with.


Things are getting steamy with CENTREPOINT.  This erotic charged adventure showcases both humour and sultriness in the pursuit of the female orgasm.


The Horrordome is back open for business as two psychos of the big screen duke it out.  MICK TAYLOR VS LEATHERFACE is sure to be bloody.  Place your bets.


Stay tuned for more updates to come, especially regarding ASYLUM.


Stay Spooky!




December 13th, 2015

White Christmas returned to Movie World and we have exclusive access to what's on show this year.  Check out
A MOVIE WORLD CHRISTMAS CAROL and prepare to be inspired, mesmerised and filled with Christmas cheer.



December 1st, 2015


As the year draws to a close, we at Rhiannon are in celebratory mode.  Deck the halls, Merry Christmas to all and here's to a kick ass 2016.  But before we say goodbye to 2015 forever, we have some updates.


She's currently visiting Australia so move over Scream Queens, DEE WALLACE takes first place for our December Horror Icon.  And believe us, it's a real scream.


DEAR MAMA is a touching piece of poetry that was written nearly 10 years ago.  Given to Rhiannon's mother for Mother's Day, this poem is a powerful and emotional piece that still causes goosebumps.  A must read for all people at this time of year.


With Christmas just around the corner, Rhiannon is giving us a chance to revisit WHITE CHRISTMAS from last year at Warner Bros Movie World on the Gold Coast.  Reread the magic of last year before the 12th of December, when Rhiannon returns with a brand new review of this years festivities.


There's so much joy coming at you this month.


So from everyone here at Rhiannon, we want to wish you a very safe and happy holidays!  Merry Christmas!