Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons

Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons was born on March 13th, 1986, in Lilydale, Victoria and is an Australian author.


From a young age her talent for writing was apparent.  At the age of seven, whilst attending Our Lady Help Of Christians in the small country town of Murtoa, Victoria, Rhiannon was encouraged to enter two of her stories in a state-wide writing competition.  Her two stories were entered and one of them took out the top prize, beating out students that were twice her age.  The winning story was entitled Rabbit’s House and was about a rabbit aptly named Rabbit that wanted to clean his house.  In order to do so he moved all his furniture out onto the front lawn while he waxed and polished his floors.  While waiting for them to dry, Rabbit went for a walk.  In the time he was away all his friends thought he was having a yard sale and took his furniture.  Upon returning home, Rabbit thought he was robbed and ran to his friends’ houses to ask for their help.  It’s then he discovers that his friends have his belongings and it’s all a misunderstanding.


The judges said Rhiannon’s writing was far above her age bracket and that she expressed depth and emotion in an adult manner.


A year later Rhiannon left her Victorian roots and headed up north with her family to reside in Queensland.


In high school, Rhiannon continued to pursue her writing.  English and Drama became her two favourite subjects.  She also excelled in Mathematics, Ancient and Modern History.


During this time her passion for writing began to wobble when one of the English teachers at St. Thomas More College said her short stories and writing in general was like a B-Graded movie and she’d never amount to anything within the world of authors.


Determined to prove her wrong, Rhiannon entered one of her short erotic stories into a CLEO magazine competition.  Her story was printed in a later edition.


From the age of seventeen Rhiannon turned herself into an erotica writer before starting her own online blog to preview her works when she was twenty.  She joined Facebook soon afterwards and became a victim of online abuse.  Not taking kindly to this cyber bullying Rhiannon closed down her Facebook account, vowing never to open it again.


A few years passed before she returned to social media. Rhiannon turned her attention to Twitter and continued to write her short steamy erotica stories.  Twitter seemed to have more of a positive and understanding vibe, accepting her and her stories.


She began writing a novel entitled Ahlephia (Al-e-fear-ra) which mixed the genres of fantasy, adventure and horror as well as incorporating her trademark humour.  After eight years and twenty-four rewrites, Ahlephia looked set for release but after reading it all back, Rhiannon decided it wasn’t quite ready and stuck it back on the drawing board.


After a challenge from one of her blog readers, Rhiannon moved from erotica into the horror genre, releasing her first ever short horror story.  Simply entitled Urban Legend, the story thrilled and chilled readers as it told the story of the woman murdered by someone in her back seat.


Gaining a following for her horror writings Rhiannon joined the website TrulyDisturbing.com in 2011.  Her original articles that saw horror movie fans debate topics such as What Makes Horror Movies So Popular and Original Version vs. Remakes.


Calling herself the Australian Scream Queen, Rhiannon took on a lot of responsibilities becoming Truly Disturbing’s first ever Assistant Editor.  From there her original articles grew, developing a fan base for her writing style among the horror community.  Because of this connection her in-depth review for the Australian horror movie Wolf Creek appeared on the iPhone and iPad app Return To Wolf Creek.


During her two year stint on Truly Disturbing, Rhiannon also had the pleasure of interviewing some up and coming horror movie directors, writers, producers including James Cullen Bressack and AD Lane as well as interviewing some more famous names like Tyler Mane and Muse Watson.  She also ran the Horror Icons article that saw her tackle the life and times of a famous horror movie icon each month.  These icons can be found in The Horror Zone.


Her horror connections haven’t stopped there.  Rhiannon has also got her own IMDB credit for her support of indie horror movies.


In November of 2012 Rhiannon shelved her novel projects including Ahlephia indefinitely, trading them for a compilation of her short horror stories.  Tales Of Terror: Urban Legends is now her main priority.


Featuring nineteen short stories all based around urban legends, Tales Of Terror: Urban Legends is part one of a three volume set which will later include Creature Features and Ghostly Tales.


She currently resides in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and is continuing with her stories while working on several novels.