Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons Dear Mama

Dear Mama

Your words of wisdom helped me

On my way

And without them

I wouldn't be the woman I am today

Dear Mama

There's so much I want to say

So much I want to do

And I couldn't do it

At all without you

Dear Mama

When I needed a helping hand

You were always around

To keep me safe

To keep me warm

To keep my feet firmly on the ground


I want to thank you

For all you've said and done

When I feel alone

You're the one I can count on

You showed me how to love

You showed me how to care

When I need someone

You will always be there


Dear Mama

Forget all the bad things I've done and

All the bad things I've said

You keep coming back to me

And making me smile again

Dear Mama

I know that I've changed

Grown over time

But no matter how old I get

I'm still proud to call you mine


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