Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons Friends With Benefits

Richard’s phone vibrated.


Being discrete, he slid a hand into his pocket to retrieve it.  A glance around the boardroom told him that no one was paying attention to him.  His eyes darted down to the screen.  Sure enough, his intuition was right.  Savannah had sent him a message.


A faint smile played on his lips as he opened it.  He immediately regretted the decision.  There she was, her long blonde hair hanging over her shoulders, her body framed by a seafoam green lace babydoll.  Richard felt his mouth go dry, as though he has swallowed a cotton ball.  He reached for his glass of water, his eyes still trained on the image.  How could she do this to him?


Richard and Savannah had known each other since they were kids.  Richard was three years older than her, and for years had treated her as though she were his baby sister.


It wasn’t until she turned 16 that he began noticing her in a new light.  She had come over for dinner with her family.  Family dinners always went for hours, so after the meal Richard and Savannah camped out on the couch enjoying a film.


While she was intrigued by the movie’s plot, Richard found his eyes roaming over her body.  She had changed somehow.  She was more grown up.  He wrapped his arm around her, glancing over his shoulder to ensure his parents were still chatting with hers.  The last thing he needed was for the parentals to bust in while he was making a move.


Savannah had always had a crush on him.  Richard was everything she looked for in a boyfriend.  He was sweet, could make her laugh, but most of all he was attentive.  When she felt his arm drape over her shoulder, she smiled.  Maybe this was to be the start of something.


For a while, there were sparks.  They had even spent the night together when they were a little older.  But unfortunately, like most love stories, tragedy struck.  Savannah stopped attending events that their families put on.  It was like she was avoiding him.


Eventually he discovered she had moved away, putting distance between herself and her own family.


Many years had passed but Savannah was never far from Richard’s mind.  He was married now, with two beautiful children.  For those on the outside it seemed as though he had it all.  But his marriage was far from perfect.  His wife was distant, unaffectionate.  They hadn’t made love in almost twelve months.  Richard longed for the touch of woman.


Then he saw it.  As he was walking to work, he passed a book store.  Blazed across the front window was Savannah’s name.  Her newest romantic novel sat proudly on display.  She was going to be doing a book signing in the city the following Thursday.  Exactly one week and two days away.


Richard had hurried to work, logged into his computer, and jumped onto social media.  He searched for Savannah until he found her on Facebook.  He shot her a quick hello.


He removed his suit jacket, draping it over the back of his chair when his computer beeped.  She had replied.


Of course she remembered him and she greeted him with the same warmth that she always had.  Richard smiled, the corners of his eyes creasing as his grin widened when she sent him a friend request.


Richard spent the day chatting away with her.  He discovered she lived not far from him, that she had pursued her dream of becoming a writer, and most of all, that she was single.  The last time he saw her family, they told him she was in a pretty serious relationship.


He told her that he wanted to see her, to catch up.  Savannah replied with a smiling emoticon and informed him that she’d be in the city for a book signing.  If he wanted to stick around afterwards, she could meet him for a drink.


Richard paused, his hands poised above his keyboard.  Savannah was drinking now?  She never use to.  The smell of alcohol use to churn her stomach.


“Sounds great,” he replied.


He lent back in his chair.  Things had sure changed since he last saw her.




Richard’s head snapped up as he saw his boss thundering towards his desk.  Shit.  Where was the minimize button for the chat window?


“I need you to sign off on these.  Otherwise I’ll have HR crawling up my ass for a week.”


Richard picked up a pen from his desk, quickly signing his name on some papers, not caring to read them.  He handed the stack of papers back to his boss with a forced smile on his face.  His boss didn’t seem to notice, snatching the papers and storming off, muttering something about office politics.


He opened the chat window again.  Savannah hadn’t replied.


Taking a deep breath, Richard shot her a message, informing her that he was at work, but offered up his mobile number in case she wanted to continue talking.


Savannah replied, giving him her number.


Smiling, Richard added her digits to his phone, shooting her a cute text message of “Boo!”


A minute later, his phone vibrated.  Savannah had sent a reply, pretending like he had scared her.


That’s how it began.  From that moment on, they texted daily.  Savannah never judged him, allowing him to talk about his life, and how unhappy he was.


“I wish I could help.”


Richard stared at his phone.  Did he dare respond with suggestion?  He had a history with Savannah, but she did seem receptive of sexual innuendos.


“I wish you could too.”


“What would you want me to do if I was with you?”


Richard felt his cock spring to life.  Savannah had a way of enticing him better than his own wife.  Richard had responded with a list of things he wanted to do to her, not caring how crude he came across.  He wanted Savannah.  And she had to know it.


Savannah’s eyes grew wide as she read his message.  She scanned it multiple times, just to ensure she had read it right.  Did Richard really want to bend her over the bed, spank her, and fuck her so deeply that she’d cum repeatedly over him?  Her inner thighs trembled at the thought of his pulsating cock spilling his seed into her.


With a trembling hand, Savannah typed back that she was equally wanting that.  She craved that kind of attention.  Her past lovers, though good and enjoyable, had never taken her pleasure to new heights; they had never given into her darkest desires.


Maybe, just maybe, Richard would be interested in fulfilling those sexual goals.


Her phone beeped.


“I want to see you.”


Savannah chewed her lip.  “Soon,” she replied, a twinkle lighting up her green eyes.



*          *          *          *          *





Richard snapped his head up.  The boardroom was empty.  The meeting was over.  His assistant was standing at the door, giving him a perplexed look.




“Meeting’s over.  Which means the work day is finished.  Which means –”


Richard stood up.  He could leave.  He could go see Savannah.


He pushed past his assistant, grabbed his suit jacket and raced towards the elevators.  He had less than twenty minutes to reach the Gambaro Hotel where he was meeting Savannah for a drink.


Panting hard, and ten minutes late, Richard walked through the door of the Gambaro Hotel.  His eyes scanned the room.  They locked onto a beautiful blonde stirring a straw around a glass.  As if she could sense him, the blonde slowly turned around.  It was Savannah.


Richard smiled and walked over to her, kissing her cheek.


“You look incredible,” he said, his eyes roaming over every curve.


“Well, duh,” Savannah replied, her blue-green eyes flashing in excitement.  “I’m a little bigger then I’m sure you remember, but it gives the men something to hang on to, if you know what I mean.”  She winked for good measure.  Richard smiled and took a seat next to her at the bar.


Savannah had dressed to the nines.  Her short black mini dress was modest, full sleeves covering her arms, a high neckline.  But it showed off her legs and killer spiked heels.  Richard was certain that she could cause a man some serious damage with them.  Her long blonde hair, that seemed to have gotten blonder with age, had been pulled back into a sleek ponytail.  Her blue-green eyes were framed by long black lashes, and her mouth was tinted slightly pink by her lip gloss.  She was right.  She had gained weight, but that just added to her appeal.  She carried her curves with confidence, not shying away from showing off a small bump in her midsection.


Richard smiled, his eyes focusing on her ass.  He licked his lips.  He wanted to bend her over the bar stool and pound into her.  He wanted to fill her completely, squirting his seed deep inside her, watching it drip from her holes.


He shook his head, his eyes focusing back on her.  She was smirking at him, a wicked glint in her eye.


“Wanna get out of here?” she asked playfully.


Richard swallowed.  He nodded.


Savannah took his hand and led him out of the bar, into the hotel lobby.  She walked to the elevator, her heels clicking with each step.  Richard lagged behind, admiring the view.  Savannah tossed him a sultry look over her shoulder.  She purposefully wiggled her ass as she walked, hoping it would entice him to make a move.


The elevator arrive and they stepped inside.  Savannah swiped her hotel card and pushed the button for level 5.  As the doors slid closed, Richard made his move, pressing Savannah up against the wall, passionately kissing her.


Their tongues intertwined, Richard’s hands creeping over her hips, pulling her body against his.  Savannah gasped.  She could feel his erection straining against his pants, pressing into her thigh.


The doors slid open as they parted.  Savannah sashayed down the hallway, swiping her card to enter her hotel room.


Richard followed, dropping his satchel at the entrance way.  Savannah sat on the bed and slipped her heels off, tossing them aside.  She hated wearing heels.  She couldn’t walk in them, and they were uncomfortable.


She turned to face Richard, hands on her hips.  Without saying a word, she pulled her dress off, revealing her black lace bra and matching thong.


Richard swallowed hard.  He had envisioned this a thousand times.  Now that it was happening, he couldn’t move.


Savannah grinned, reaching behind her, unclasping her bra.  She tossed it aside.


Richard’s eyes widened.  He found himself striding across the room, his hand reaching up, his fingers wrapping around her ponytail.  He pulled her in for a kiss, feeling her breasts crush against his chest.


“I want to fuck you,” he said, his voice thick with want.


Savannah grinned.  “I thought you’d never make a move.”  She pulled away from his grasp, sliding her thumbs into the waistband of her thong.  Without breaking eye contact, she wiggled out of her panties, tossing them to the floor.  She turned her back to him, bending slightly at the waist while she rifled through the bedside table drawers.


Richard removed his jacket, tossing it on the same chair that her dress had landed on.  His pants felt like they were one size too small as his cock strained against the fabric, beckoning to be unleashed.


Savannah turned around, her eyes narrowing as they trained on Richard’s protruding package.  She wet her lips before holding up a coil of vibrant red rope.


“You said you always wanted to try it,” she teased, tossing it to him.  She laid a small piece of paper down on the comforter.  “In case you need directions,” she added, before turning her back to him and placing her wrists behind her.


Richard leapt into action, securing Savannah’s hands behind her, pulling her body closely into his, cupping her breasts with his hands, his fingers tweaking her nipples.  A sigh escaped from her as her eyes closed.  This was how she enjoyed to be touched.


Richard grabbed her hair, pulling her head back.  He had always wanted to participate in rough sex, but his wife never allowed it.  He smiled as he watched her eyes roll back.  He had barely touched her and already she was responding.


He kissed her passionately, forcing his tongue into her mouth.  She moaned as he tightened his grip on her hair.  She wiggled her wrists against the binds.


Richard tossed her face down on the bed.  He removed his shirt and pants, releasing his cock to the cool air of the hotel room.


He pulled her hips up, his fingers gripping the flesh.  She hadn’t been kidding when she stated that she had put on excess weight in her hip region.  Richard didn’t mind.  She was still beautiful to him.


He slid his palm in between her legs, rubbing the outside of her pussy.  Savannah moaned, rocking back and forth against his fingers, silently praying he’d slip them inside her.


As though he had read her mind, Richard slid two fingers into Savannah’s moist mound, feeling her grip him, tensing.


He slid his fingers out of her, tickling her farewell.  Savannah moaned, almost pleading with him not to stop.  He lined himself up and sank into her, sighing with relief as she clenched around him.


Richard began to rock his hips back and forth, one hand holding Savannah’s wrists, the other gripping her hip.  She bucked backwards against him, gyrating her hips against his.


Richard wrapped his hand around her ponytail, pulling her head up, arching her back.  He pounded into her, sweat dripping from his brow.  Their panting echoed around the room as Richard felt a familiar tingling sensation in his lower extremities.


Savannah’s moans flooded his ears.  He felt her body tense as she came hard, quivering as her orgasm told a hold of her.  It was the sexiest thing Richard had ever heard.


Letting go of his inhibitions, Richard began thrusting harder, pushing himself deeper until he climaxed, spilling himself into her.  Savannah moaned, feeling the warmth of him filling her.


Richard pulled away, smiling in satisfaction as he watched his seed drip from her.  Savannah whimpered at the feeling of loss, wiggling her ass at him, pulling slightly on the rope that held her in place.  Richard brought his hand down, connecting with her ass.  Savannah moaned in delight, bucking her hips back, sweat sliding down her spine.


“Do it again,” she begged.


Richard smiled, spanking her again and again, until her ass had a soft pink glow about it.  He moved around the other side of the bed and lifted her head.  “Taste yourself,” he told her, thrusting his hips forward.


Savannah greedily accepted his cock, opening her mouth wide as he slid it down her throat.  Her eyes locked onto him as her tongue tickled him, feeling every bump and curve of his quivering member.  Richard groaned, his hand sifting through her hair, gripping it tightly.  He wanted to cum again, shooting a load down her throat.  He wanted to use her the way he said he was going to.  He wanted her to know that, just for tonight, he was in charge.  His eyes opened as he stared at her body.  Her hands bound behind her was a turn on.  Her tight pussy was leaking his fluids onto the comforter of the bed.  His eyes focused on her ass.


They had spoken at length about anal.  It was something he wanted to do with her.  Savannah didn’t have the best track record with it, but he knew if he took it slow with her, she’d be up for it.


He pulled away from her, his cock bouncing in delight as protests of disappointment escaped her.  He positioned himself at the head of the bed.


“Come here,” he ordered, patting his lap.


Savannah crawled over to him.  He untied her, allowing her to shake out her arms in an attempt to get her blood flowing again.


“Hands in front.”


She obeyed.  She watched with delight as he bound her wrists with the rope.


He pulled her in close, her breasts crushing against his chest.  “You’re going to ride me while I fuck that cute ass,” he told her, nipping at her neck.


Savannah’s eyes rolled back in her head as the pain of his bite shot through her.  It wasn’t a bad pain; it was pleasurable one.  He nipped her again, a little harder this time.


He lined her ass up, his cock pressing against the puckered opening.  He pushed her downwards.  Savannah held her breath as he slipped inside her back entrance.


She exhaled.  Richard told her to wrap her bound wrists behind his neck.  His hands lowered to her hips as he started to move her up and down on his shaft.


She felt good.  Tight.  Her breasts were pressed against his chest, her nipples hardening with each thrust of his cock.


Savannah threw her head back as she quickened the pace.  An orgasm was building inside her and she wanted release; with or without his permission.  Richard looked at her exposed throat.  He wrapped his hand around it, giving it a gentle squeeze.  Savannah’s eyes rolled back as she let out a throaty moan.


“Please, suck my tits,” she pleaded.


Richard smiled.  She was begging him to please her.  He pulled her head back to him, his tongue dipping into her ear sending shivers down her spine.  “What do you say?” he asked, tweaking her nipple hard.


“Please, sir.”


“Good girl.”


He let her rock backwards, thrusting her breasts towards him.  Richard cupped them, feeling their weight in his hands, while his tongue flickered across the delicate skin.  Savannah’s body began to tremble, her hands clawing at the back of his head.  He felt her body clench, tightening around his cock that was still buried in her ass.


Holy shit.  Did she just cum?


Richard didn’t have much time to consider that as he felt himself explode deep inside her.  He gripped her body, holding her tight, as he pumped shot after shot of his creamy load into her.


Savannah was the first to move.  She climbed off him, cum sliding down her thighs.


“Untie me,” she said, holding up her wrists.


Richard obliged, fumbling with the knot.


He watched as Savannah made her way to the bathroom.  He heard her turn the shower on.  Getting to his feet, Richard made his way to the bathroom.


He watched as she lathered herself up, gently rubbing between her legs.  Her eyes flickered over to him.  “Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to join me?” she teased.


Richard pulled open the door.  Savannah handed him the soap.  “You can do my back,” she told him, turning around.


He smiled as his hands glided over her skin.  She back up into him, resting against his chest.  She turned her head.  “So,” she began, her tongue darting out, wetting her lips.  “Did that live up to your expectations?”


“It did,” he said, burying his head into her neck, nuzzling her.  He could see a bruise forming from where he bit her.  He gave it a gentle kiss.


“I had hoped to go a little longer,” he admitted, turning her around to face him, his hands sliding over her hips.


Her eyes flashed with excitement.  “Oh honey,” she started, raking her nails across his chest.  “You didn’t think we had finished, did you?”  She gave him a wicked smile.


“We’re just getting started.”



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