Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons Innocence

Her hair was like golden silk. Her eyes as green as emeralds, sparkling with delight as she took a seat in his lap, facing him, her legs parted as they draped over his.


She wasn't normally so bold, but time spent with him had been favourable to her. She tossed her head back, her long blonde hair cascading down her back. She looked at him with all the innocence of a school girl, wetting her lips, her pink tongue dipping out the corners of her mouth.


Her hand pressed against his bare chest, feeling his muscles stiffen at her touch. She smirked slightly, making eye contact with him.


She was wearing his shirt with a simple pair of white lacy panties. After the night they had shared together, she felt comfortable enough to walk around in minimal clothing. His shirt, her panties, no bra.


She lent down and kissed him. Just pressing her lips against his. It was a sweet kiss, almost as though she was testing the waters with him. Although, after the way she moaned his name last night, he was certain all the waters were now charted.


He placed his hand on her lower back, feeling the curve of her spine, tracing it with a finger. He knew she was shy about initiating anything, but this was her game so he was to play by her rules.


He watched as her fingers went up to the top button of his shirt...and undid it. He licked his lips as the top curve of her breast was exposed. She bit her lip, eyes trained on him as she undid the next button and the one after that and the one after that, until his shirt hung open, exposing her creamy white flesh and gold diamond bellyring.


His shirt, whilst hanging open, concealed her breasts, her nipples hidden behind the cool cotton fabric. He smiled, his eyes lingering. They may have been concealed from view, but he could see them pressing against the material, hard, erect, begging to be touched, licked, sucked.


Slowly he reached his hand up, feeling the curve of her body before cupping her breasts, his thumb rubbing across her nipples, watching them strain against his shirt, hardening until they rivalled diamonds.


She watched him as he teased her nipples, before brushing the shirt aside and taking one of them in his mouth. She let out a low moan, her eyes closing as his tongue swirled around her nipple, flickering the tip of tongue over it before gently nipping at her.


His free hand kneaded the other breast, tugging her nipple, pawing at her, gripping her hard as she had requested last night. He had taken her to new levels of ecstasy last night, giving her something no other man had; an orgasm. He had felt her body convulse as he lapped at her clitoris with his tongue, his finger driving into her. He held her in his arms while she had come down off Cloud 9, before bending her over and gently teasing her with his cock, rubbing the head against her moist pussy. She had groaned, pushing her hips back, begging him to enter her, which he did with one swift thrust.


A smile traced his lips as he remembered, his cock swelling in his jeans, as she rocked gently on his lap, her hands resting on his shoulders.


He switched breasts, his mouth enclosing over the other one. Her breathing quickened, eyes closed, lips parted as an approving moan escaped her.


He let his hand drop from her breast, his finger tracing a line down her stomach to the waistband of her panties. They were damp and he smiled. He traced his finger over the crotch of her panties, feeling the moisture that seeped from her.


She pushed his head back, breaking his hold on her breasts. He caught a wicked glint in her eyes as she stood up, discarding the shirt. Her blonde hair fell across her nipples, concealing them from view. She motioned for him to stand, to which he obliged, moving over to her. “Take these off?” she questioned, although he could tell she meant it as a command. He knelt in front of her, the scent of sex hung in the air as he looped his thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slid them down over her creamy white thighs.


She stepped out of them, and watched with interest as he placed her discarded panties into his jeans pocket. Now she stood before him, naked, tiny beads of sweat beginning to matriculate on her skin, sliding in between her breasts. He stood up, his tongue eagerly following the trail, teasing her before his mouth pressed against hers in a passionate kiss.


Their tongues danced together as he pulled her into his body. She could feel his erection pressing against her thigh. It was so hard that it hurt. She wrapped her arms around his neck, not wanting to break their embrace.


They parted and she whimpered. “Patience, pretty one,” he said softly, unzipping his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. He kicked them aside then proceeded to discard his briefs in the same manner. She bites her lip, her eyes lingering on his swollen member as a few drops of pre-cum form on the head.


She drops to her knees, her eyes trained on his. He sees that familiar wicked gleam in her eyes before she closes them as her mouth closes around his cock.


A low, animal-like growl escapes his throat, his head falling back, his eyes closed as her tongue does merry circles around his head before gliding up and down the length of his shaft before enclosing over his complete length.


Her eyes open, gazing skyward as she continues to tease his cock, tasting his flesh. She gives a soft chuckle as his hand runs through her hair, blonde tresses tumbling through his fingers.


His eyes open as he feels a small spasm passing through him. She was delightfully wicked, demonic at times, knowing exactly what to do to cause a reaction from him. All it took was a little prodding on his behalf.


He could feel his orgasm building. He didn't want to come just yet, but she wasn't really giving him a choice in the matter. His hand was still intertwined in her hair. He grabbed a handful and gave a gentle pull. She stopped what she was doing to look up at him, innocence dancing over her features.


He stood her up, dropping to his knees, lifting her leg over his shoulder, his hands holding her firmly in place. She was turned on, that was easy to see, as her juices swept down her thighs. He could feel the weight of her gaze on him as he tentatively flicked his tongue across her clitoris.


Tossing her head back, she let out a low moan. This encouraged him to further his ventures, his tongue dipping into her, her long French tipped nails digging into the flesh of his shoulders.


His hands held her as her body gyrated, determined to get off with just the aid of his tongue. A shiver passed down her spine, her hips rocking wildly as his tongue probed deeper into her body, his hands holding the curve of her ass. He flicked his tongue across her clitoris rapidly, as though he was turning on a light switch. It was this last action that caused her to convulse, her body shaking, her pussy twitching as she rode the pleasure waves of ecstasy. He continued to tongue her, prolonging the sensations that swept over her until she managed to weakly push his head away.


She collapsed in his arms, beads of sweat rolling down her back. He held her, talking soothingly, rubbing her back. Her breathing was slow and even, her chest raised and fell with each deep breath. She licked her lips, her eyes unfocused. She wanted to say “Wow,” or “That was fucking awesome,” but the words wouldn't form. For the first time in her life, she was speechless.


In one swift movement, he had picked her up in his strong arms and carried her over to the dining room table. After talking extensively last night, he had learned one of her fantasies was to do it on a pool table or on the dining room table. She had added very quickly that she'd clean everything afterwards which only made him laugh.


He laid her down, spreading her legs, his thumb circling her clitoris, rubbing diligently. She thrashed her head from side to side, her body shaking. Her eyes opened, staring into his, pleading with him not to send her over the edge again. At least, not until he had gotten off.


Wrapping his arms around her legs, he entered her, her inner muscles grasping at his quivering member, squeezing him tightly as he trust into her over and over again. She scooted her ass closer to him, allowing him to go deeper inside. He lent over her, her ankles now resting on his shoulders, her hands playing with her breasts, tweaking her own nipples as she moaned in approval as his thumb returned to her clit, resuming the small, enticing circles.


From the pit of her belly another orgasm was forming. His hips bucking against her, her hips rocking back against him. With a guttural groan from him, she fell his cock spasm, the warmth of his juices flowing inside her. It was enough to cause a scream to tear from her throat as she came again, scratching at the table, his name on her lips.


For a minute or two, they laid there, his cock still buried inside her. He stood up, withdrawing from her, watching his fluids mixed with hers trickle from her pussy and onto the table top.


She propped herself up on her elbows, her eyes still jade green. She licked her lips, her eyes roaming over his body, coming to rest on his cock. He followed her gaze and watched as his cock sprung back to life. She gave a wicked little smirk and arched her eyebrow.


“Up for round two?” she asked innocently.


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