Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons Make Love To Me

Raquel Barrett stared at the man across the table from her.  His silky smooth British accent flooded her ears as he spoke at length about what he was doing in Rome.


She felt a smile creep to her lips as his hand reached for hers, his thumb caressing her soft skin.


James Barrett, no relation, flashed her a smoldering smile, his eyes roaming over her face, down her neck and beyond.


Raquel had travelled to Rome just to see him.  James was a movie star and was currently filming in Italy.  Raquel wanted to be an author and had finally, after eight long years, completed her first manuscript for her debut novel.


She had known him since she was 6.  She was now bordering on 30 while he was 38 years her senior.


James had been a father figure to her throughout most of her life.  Her own father was absent, spending his time between rehab and the big house, while her mother, God bless her soul, was doing the best she could, working two jobs just to allow Raquel to go to a private school.


James had taken pity on her after a chance meeting.  Since that fateful day, Raquel had been on many movie sets and had even spent a white Christmas with him and his family.  Her mother relished in the attention, knowing that she couldn’t give her daughter a lot.  James had paid for her prom dress, driving lessons and even her first car.  He had helped her study and volunteered his time to reading her debut novel so they could work on it together.


Raquel had been giddy when the final page printed from the machine.  She had dialed his home phone in London, hoping that the offer to read her work was still on the table.




“Sarah?  Sarah, it’s Raquel.  Is James there?”


“Sorry honey, no.  He’s in Italy at the moment.  Got a cameo in an upcoming feature.”


Raquel bit her lip.  “That’s pretty awesome.  Do you know when he’ll be back?”


“Honestly, no idea.  I think he’s booked the villa for himself for a month.  I’ve got to go to New Zealand to film a TV pilot in a couple of days.  Are you looking at coming for a visit?”


“Well, yes.  You see, I finished my book and James said that he’d read it and give me some pointers once I was ready to share –.”  She let her voice trail off.


Sarah coughed.  “Ahh, yes.  I remember that.  So you’ve finished it?  That’s great, honey.  Give James a call on his cell.  He’ll be happy to see you.”


Raquel and Sarah had chatted for a few minutes before they hung up.  Raquel promptly called James.  The next thing she knew he had booked her a first class ticket to Rome.


Now she was sitting across from him at a fancy restaurant, holding his hand, learning about the cameo he was doing in the film.


“So, even though you’ve got a cameo, you’re still a bad guy?” Raquel teased, running her fingers through her long, honey-blonde hair.  James threw back his head and laughed.  He was renowned for playing villains and relished the chance to make a bad guy loveable.


“Something like that,” he replied, taking a sip from his wine glass.  “Do you want dessert, or should we get out of here?”


Raquel dismissed the dessert cart with her hand.  She wasn’t much of a dessert person.


They exited the restaurant.  James escorted her, his hand on her lower back, to the waiting car.


“You know, that dress looked pretty good on the mannequin in the store.  But on you, it’s really something else,” he said, feeling the cool, satin material beneath his palm.


Raquel turned to face him.  “I’ve always said you had great taste when it came to women’s clothes.  No wonder Sarah always looks awesome on the red carpet.  She doesn’t need a stylist.  She has you.”


James grinned.  “Get in the car,” he said, holding open the door for her.  She obliged.


Looking around, James pulled his phone out of his pocket.  9:05PM.  He dialed a number.  “It is time,” he said before hanging up.


He slid into the back seat beside her, James closed the door.  “Back to the villa please, driver.”


The engine started and the separation panel, between the driver’s seat and the back of the car, lifted, giving James and Raquel privacy.


“Thank you for joining me for dinner this evening,” James said, his hand resting on Raquel’s knee.  Her legs were crossed and the split in her dress left little to the imagination.  “It’s been good to actually converse with someone whose intelligence matches my own.  Most of the actors in this film aren’t exactly known for their smarts.”


Raquel shifted, feeling a little uncomfortable with the placement of James’ hand.  “That’s alright.  Thank you for gracing my curiosity about the movie with truthful answers.”


James smiled.  “Once they leave tomorrow, we’ll have the villa to ourselves and your book will have my undivided attention.”

Raquel nodded, swallowing hard.


When she was 15 she developed a slight crush on him, namely because he was the only man to give her any real attention.  He had held her hand when she got her bellybutton pierced.  On a trip to her native Australia, he had hired the best hairdresser Brisbane had when one of the boys from her school had put gum in her hair.  He had even given her what would always be remembered as her first kiss.  Granted it was under mistletoe one Christmas and it was more of a peck than a proper kiss, but in Raquel’s eyes, it was the same thing.


The following year, Raquel had travelled to London for Christmas.  That was the year James had given her a kiss under the mistletoe.  While she looked back on that memory now with fondness, that whole experience was one of the darkest times in her life.


Raquel had gone from a bubbly blonde to a sullen teenager.  James had noticed the difference the moment he picked her up from the airport.  She was withdrawn and moody.


Later that night he heard running water.  Following the sound, James entered Raquel’s bedroom.  The bathroom door was closed.  He could hear sobbing over the running water.  He knocked at the door, James asked if she was okay.  When he didn’t get a response, he knocked louder.  Still no response.  The sobbing had stopped but the water continued to run.


A sinking feeling grew in the pit of his stomach.  Jiggling the handle, James shoulder-charged the door.  The door shattered beneath his brute force.


He found Raquel sitting in the bottom of the shower, her back red raw from the scolding water.  Blood circled the drain and it took him a minute to realize she had slit her wrist.


With the help of his sons, James had pulled her from the shower, burning his hand under the water while attempting to shut it off.  He held Raquel in his arms while his eldest son, Shane dialed emergency services.  His youngest son, Michael, performed CPR as Raquel’s life slowly faded from her eyes.


At the hospital, James finally discovered the reason she tried to commit suicide.  He felt his heart break as she confessed that at a high school party she had been sexually assaulted.


Now he was sitting in the back of a town car with his hand on her knee.  The dress he had bought her for the evening was suggestive.  His eyes roamed over her body.  She was no longer his little girl.  She hadn’t been his little girl in years.  There was something about her that he found alluring.


She had flirted with him since she was 15.  When he found himself flirting back, he immediately booked himself into therapy in hopes of getting rid of the urges.  He was grateful that the therapist didn’t find him to be a pedophile, but that was because his lust for Raquel grew as she got older.




James snapped out of his thoughts.  “Hmm?”


“Is there something you want to tell me?”


He glanced down at his hand which had sneaked up her thigh.


“Sorry.  I was just thinking.”  He ran his hand back down towards her knee.


She placed her hand on top of his.  “About that certain conversation?” she quizzed, intertwining her fingers with his.  “I’ve been thinking about that too.”


“You have?”  James seemed perplexed.  Her body language had changed.  She seemed more positive towards his advances.


“I have.  And I want to.  I’m just scared.  I haven’t been with anyone since-.”  Her voice trailed off, her eyes growing misty as the memory of the most horrid night of her life crept into her thoughts.


His hand cupped her chin.  “Sweetheart, don’t cry.  I promise you that I’ll never hurt you and that you’re always welcome to say “no” if you change your mind.  And if that’s the case then we can change into our pajamas and watch cartoons like we use to when you weren’t feeling well.”


She chuckled softly.


His hand raised her head so she was looking him in the eye.  “Raquel, I love you.  I always have and I always will,” James told her, his eyes darkening until they were almost black.  She chewed her bottom lip, tasting the cherry lipgloss she had applied earlier.  “I love you too,” she replied softly, avoiding his gaze.


Her eyes grew wide as his lips touched hers.  Tender and romantic, she felt his hand wrap around her waist, pulling her closer to him.  She sighed, letting her body melt into his.


Her mouth parted, her tongue slipping between his lips, running across his teeth.  Her breasts were pressed against his chest as she ran her hand through his salt and pepper hair.  His tongue began massaging hers as their passions intertwined.


She threw her head back, moaning in ecstasy, as he kissed along the nape of her neck, feeling the warmth of her flesh.  His tongue traced the line of her collarbone before returning his mouth to hers in a feverish frenzy.


He sucked her lower lip into his mouth as his hands caressed over her arm.  The strap from her dress slid down exposing the curve of her breast.  She wasn’t wearing a bra, namely because the dress didn’t allow it, and James had been more than aware of that fact at dinner.


James placed his mouth above Raquel’s nipple, sucking it through the satin of her dress.  She arched beneath him, gasping as his tongue flicked over her, her hands running through his hair, gripping it tightly.


The car slowed.  James’ head snapped up.  They had reached the villa.

He readjusted Raquel’s dress.  Her eyes were glazed over, her lips moist, her breathing ragged.  She whimpered as he pulled away.


“Patience, pretty one,” he whispered, nibbling gently on her ear lobe.  “I have a surprise for you.”


The door opened and James slid out, offering his hand to Raquel.  Arm in arm they walked towards the lavish Italian villa.


James led her up the stairs before stopping to kiss her deeply.

“My room or yours?” Rachel croaked.


James pulled her towards him.  “Mine.  I want tonight to be something you remember for the right reasons.  If, for whatever reason, you regret this, I want your room to be a sanctuary still.  I don’t want you lying on the sheets, bawling your eyes out in regret, only to have the stench of sex on them from us.”


His tongue dipped into her ear and Raquel shivered.  “Remember, you can say “no” at any time.”


Taking his hand, Raquel let herself be pulled down the landing towards his room.  James opened the door and Raquel was aghast.


James’ room was filled with candles.  Hundreds of them lined the surfaces of his bedside tables and vanity.  Rose petals were sprinkled on the bed in the shape of a heart.


Raquel stepped inside the room.  She could see his bathroom door was ajar.  Craning her neck, she could see that the candle light filled the ensuite as well.  Chewing her lip, she walked towards the door, pulling it open.  A bath had been run, filled with bath milk and red rose petals sprinkled on top for a romantic feel.


“How did you do all this?” she questioned, staring at the bath in awe.

“Remember that phone call I had to take at the restaurant?  That wasn’t work.  That was the housekeeping staff here asking if it was time for them to set all this up.  I gave them a call before I climbed into the car.  It takes about 20 minutes from the restaurant to the villa.  Plenty of time.”

“You amaze me,” she replied.


He stepped towards her, pulling her backwards against him.  His hands cupped her breast as his tongue tickled her neck.  “You amaze me,” he said, tweaking her nipples.  “Now let’s get you out of that dress and into that bath.”


James unzipped the dress.  It fell to the floor.  Out of instinct Raquel covered her breasts and wished that she had worn something with more coverage than a lacy black G-string.


“What if I get out of the tub and can’t go through with it?” she mused, her feet stepping out of her heels and onto the cool tiles.


“Like I said before, we’ll put on our pajamas and watch cartoons.  Or Die Hard.  I think that’s on TV tonight.”


Raquel glanced over her shoulder at him.  James stared back, slowly taking off his suit jacket to reveal a matching vest.


Hands still covering her breasts, Raquel kicked the bathroom door closed.


James chuckled to himself.  He removed his cufflinks, setting them down on the dresser.  He undid his vest when someone timidly knocked at the door.


James opened the door to find the main housekeeper standing on the other side.


“Mr. Barrett,” she said, extending her hand.  “Here are some mints for your pillow.  We hope everything is to your satisfaction and if you do not need us, we’ll be off.”


James took the mints and smiled.  “Thank you, Carmen.  That will be all.  A bonus to you, and your staff, will be delivered tomorrow as promised. Thank you.”


Carmen curtsied and left.


James closed the door and removed his vest, hanging it neatly inside his closet.  He began to unbutton his shirt when the bathroom creaked open.


He turned.  Raquel stood before him wearing a silk bathroom that he had left hanging on the door.  She looked nervous.  He didn’t blame her.  He was too.


He snorted silently.  He was in his late sixties and he was nervous about making love to a much younger woman.  Christ, where did he put the Viagra?


Raquel sucked in a deep breath.  She had gone over this scenario so many times in her mind.  She bit her lower lip.  It was now or never.

With a trembling hand, she undid her robe, letting it fall to the ground.

James’ eyes bulged, roaming over Raquel’s naked body.  His mouth felt dry.  His tongue wet his lips.


Raquel started feeling self-conscious.  She lowered her eyes, her arm creeping up to cover her ample chest.


Suddenly James’ arm was around her, his lips on her lips, his tongue slipping into her mouth and massaging hers.  Her hands splayed against his bare chest.  He may have been older than her but he had taken care of himself.  He was lean and sporting a serious six-pack under his impeccable attire.


His hands lowered towards her hips, pulling her closer.  Raquel broke the kiss and gasped.  He was rock hard.  James smiled as Raquel lowered her eyes towards his package.  “Viagra?” she asked with a teasing grin.  He shook his head.  “Just you, baby.”


He traced her lips with his thumb.  Raquel couldn’t help but tease him, sucking his thumb into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip.  His eyes closed, his cock straining against his pants.


A faint, wicked smile crossed his lips.  With a swift motion he had picked her up and carried her to the bed.  Lying her down, James knelt on the floor in between her legs.  Before Raquel could ask what was going on, James’ tongue lapped over her clit in a circular movement.


Raquel’s eyes rolled back as her outstretched hands gripped the comforter.  James sucked her clit into his mouth, feeling her buck beneath him.  He traced over her vulva with a single finger before plunging it inside her.  The scent of her musk filled his nostrils.  He lapped at her juices, dipping his tongue inside her.  He wanted her to come.


Raquel felt a warmth growing in her loins.  She shook her head furiously as the warmth spread down her thighs.  She shuddered and let out a cry.


Did she just orgasm?


James smiled.  She had come hard on his tongue, her legs clamping around his head.


He withdrew his finger and stood up.  He discarded his shirt and unbuttoned his pants.  Raquel sat up, hunger dancing behind her eyes.  She wanted more of what just happened.


James’ pants hit the floor.  Raquel scooted closer to him.  Without a word, she placed her mouth over his cock and began to bob up and down.  She wasn’t sure what she was doing, just following what she had seen on a porn site.  Her tongue circled the head of his cock the same way it had done to his thumb earlier.  She felt his hand reaching up to grip her hair.  She glanced up.  James had his eyes closed, his mouth open in a silent moan.


She felt his cock jump as she began to massage his balls with her free hand.  A few drops of pre-cum landed on her tongue.


Before she knew what was happening, James pulled away from her.  Raquel whimpered.


“Lie back,” he ordered, his voice thick with want and desire.


She obeyed, spreading her legs.  “Make love to me,” she pleaded, running her hands over her breasts, tweaking her own nipples.  James positioned himself before thrusting deep inside her.


Raquel’s eyes shut tightly.  It hurt.  She felt James’ body press against hers.  He kissed her collarbone, then her jaw line.  He began moving his hips, rocking them slightly.  As much as he wanted to take her and fuck her, he wanted to make love to her.  To show her that not all men are animals.


They got into a rhythm, their hips gyrating together.  Raquel’s nails racked down James’ back, leaving slick claw marks on his sweat-soaked skin.


He kissed her mouth passionately, biting at her lip, feeling it swell.  A bead of sweat slid in between her breasts, her nipples straining against his chest.  He couldn’t resist, placing his mouth over one, sucking it before gently nipping at it.  Raquel cried out, clawing his shoulders.


The familiar warmth began to grow.  Raquel bucked her hips, begging for release.  James’ felt her urgency and knew he wasn’t too far off blowing his load.  He quickened his tempo, his cock throbbing.


Raquel’s back arched as she clawed at him.  Her mouth opened into a silent scream.  James held her body as he pushed himself deeper into her, filling her.


James pulled away, panting.  He could see himself leaking out of her.

Raquel’s eyes were glazed as she sat up, feeling the remains of their love making sliding down her milky white thigh.  She traced the juices with her hand, rubbing her clit before licking her fingers clean.


James chuckled.  “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’ve done this before,” he said.  Raquel grinned, as she wiped sweat away from her brow.


“You taste good,” she said, giving him her best seductive eyes.  “Up for another round?”


James’ cock sprang into action.  “Absolutely.  Only this time, I’m not making love to you.”




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