Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons Pac-Man: The New Horror?

There’s something very titillating about video games.  They increase motor skills, problem solving skills while providing the player countless hours of entertainment.


Then an idea came to form; let’s turn a beloved video game into a major motion picture.


Games like Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider have all had the game to movie experience.  While Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter failed to impress the audience, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider really sparked an interest.


No game is off limits to the Hollywood hotshots willing to try something new.  Angry Birds now has an animated TV series, Battleship became a movie and even Doom surprised movie goers.


This transition from video game to movie got me thinking about a classic game; Pac Man.


We all know of Pac Man.  Most of us have played the game at least once before.  It truly is a classic and is even getting a revamp for the PS3 later this year.


So if Pac Man were to become a movie, what sort of movie would it be?  Action?  Thriller?  Romantic-comedy on how he met Mrs. Pac Man?  No.  I believe it would become a horror movie.


Now, I know you’re sitting there, scratching your head wondering how that is even possible, but hear me out.


Pac Man’s enemies are ghosts and we all know you can’t kill what’s already dead.  You can try, but unless your ghost happens to be a man in a mask (and you’re part of the Scooby gang) you won’t get the best of them.  The only way for Pac Man to slow down his enemies was by using a Power Pill (which in game turns the ghosts blue which allows Pac Man to eat them) plus the game itself is endless and as it goes on the Power Pills become harder to find and become less effective.


Taking all that into consideration, here’s what it breaks down to: A no-win, never ending quest with unstoppable enemies and extreme drug use.  That sounds like a pretty dark premise to me.


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