Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons Punished With Pleasure

She had been a bad girl.


She had teased him to the point of no restraint and he had taken her with such a powerful force, she was certain she wouldn't be able to walk again.


Now she found herself tied to his bed, spread-eagled.


The day before she arrived, he had visited a sex store, purchasing items in which to tease her as much as she teased him. When he left, his credit card was feeling the pinch, but the satisfaction written on her face and in her eyes would more than rectify the situation.


Before she arrived he had secured the restraints under this mattress. Four basic restraints with four cuffs that would allow him to torture his little minx.


Now, those restraints had her pinned perfectly to his bed.


He watched with lust as her breasts rose with each breath. Her eyes were wide as she watched him reach out and pinch one of her nipples hard.


She swore, pulling against her bonds. He did it again, this time to the other one. Her reaction was the same.


He chuckled to himself. Her mouth and eyes may have had a murderous look about them, but her body was responding. The scent of sex was in the air and, even without touching her most intimate area, he knew she was wet with desire.


He walked around the bed, her eyes following him. He lent over, taking one of her sore nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue across it, feeling it harden more in his mouth as he sucked on it.


Her vengeful words were replaced with soft moans, her body rocking from side to side.


His hands were loving as he felt the curves of her body. The curve of her hip, her thighs, her stomach and breasts. His gentle touch caused her anticipation to heighten, her juices seeping from her freely.


He traced his finger over her swollen sex, teasing her clitoris. Her head fell back, her eyes closing as a low guttural groan escaped her.


He laid down in between her thighs. The scent of her desire flooded his nostrils. He could see how slick she was, how turned on. He had to taste her.


Slowly, his tongue flickered out of his mouth, rolling over her, tasting every inch of her sex. Her breathing became more rapid as he repeated his movements, lapping his tongue over the sides of her clitoris, not actually touching it.


Her hips rocked back and forth, her limbs tugging against her binds, hoping that she could free her arms and just push his head upwards so that she could feel his entire tongue, not just the tip.


Her wish was granted when he slipped two fingers into her body, feeling the warmth of her juices seeping over his digits. Her hips bucked as he sucked her swollen clitoris into his mouth, his two fingers pressing deep inside her.


The pressure of an orgasm was in her abdomen. Her toes were curling, gripping the sheet, her back arching up off the mattress.


“Ooooohhhhhh,” she cried as her orgasm washed over her, her whole body shaking, shining with perspiration.


She began shaking her back and forth as his tongue continued to probe her body, making sure to catch all of her juices as they trickled from her, his fingers still expertly working her body, feeling her inner muscles clench in an attempt to expel him from the depths of her being.


As her body lifted off the bed when her second orgasm hit, she began to beg him to stop, telling him she couldn't take much more.


He eased up, withdrawing his fingers, his tongue flicking against her clit one last time.


He stood up, staring down at his beauteous bad girl. Her eyes were closed, her chest rising with each ragged breath she took. Her hair was mattered to her skin and a few droplets of perspiration slid in between her breasts.


Her nipples were still hard as diamonds and he couldn't resist reaching out his hand to fondle them, rolling them between his fingers.


Her grunts and groans told him that she wasn't quite exhausted. He walked away from the bed, returning seconds later with something to help keep her attention.


She gasped, her eyes fluttering open as something came to rest on her nipples.


She glanced down to see two purple suction like discs placed over her nipples. She tilted her head curiously. What the hell were they?


He reached for a second pillow, propping her head up a little.


“What are they?” she asked, her voice soft, timid.


He pulled a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button.




The strange purple discs began to vibrate, hardening her nipples further, causing all kinds of new and strange sensations.


He reached down in between her thighs, feeling her growing wetter with each passing moment. Her arousal was intoxicating and he knew her body was still prime for more pleasure.


While her eyes were closed as she rode on the waves of vibrations coursing through her nipples, he reached down between her thighs, rubbing her soaking wet pussy before pushing a vibrating egg deep inside.


Her cry of surprise had him turning his head. “Shhh,” he whispered soothingly, moving up towards her head. “I promise you, this will be most pleasurable.” He moved her hair from her face, staring into her eyes. “For me.”


Her eyes widened as he pressed a button on the remote. The egg buried deep inside her began to throb and pulse, sending shivers all over her body.


She cursed him.


He grinned, pulling out a simple ball gag and thrusting it into her mouth.


Fear appeared in her eyes as he told her that she was perfectly safe. He touched her cheek lovingly, feeling her warmed flesh beneath his hand.


He kissed her forehead and stood up, adjusting his cock in his pants that had also began to throb.


“Now, I shouldn't be more than an hour,” he said, walking to the door of his bedroom, remotes in hand. He pressed a button on both and the vibrations intensified. She cried out, her muffled pleas falling on deaf ears as her body shook into her third orgasm of the afternoon.


Chuckling to himself he watched as her eyes half opened. She saw him smile at her. “I told you being bad would get you punished,” he said with a wink. “Punished with pleasure.” With that he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.


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