Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons Self Reflection

Her hair is like sunshine gold

Her lips are redder then the rose

She walks with grace

Wherever she goes


But there's something

Hiding behind her eyes

Pain and suffering

Hides beneath her smile


How she feels inside

She can not describe

And yet with each cut

It quickly subsides


The blood flows freely

She covered the cut

Hiding it beneath her clothes

She's stuck in a rut


Of self mutilation

Self destruction

Despite everything she feels

No one pays attention


She stops eating

Feeding her mind instead

A cocktail of knowledge and drugs

From every book she's ever read


From beneath her jeans

Her panties are seen

Riding low on her hips

Every man’s dream


You know you want her

Her pouted lips succulent red

Her eyes hold a hint of coldness

As she lays on the bed


No morals or values

All she was is gone

As she lies there

Waiting for you to be done


She cries herself to sleep

Because no one cares

If she wastes away to nothing

Or falls into a pit of despair


She stares at her reflection

Looking into her eyes

What has she become?

Is it truth or is it lies?


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