Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons The Escort: William

William closed the bathroom door, leaving Rochelle alone in the hotel room.


Her heart was pounding as she slipped out of her indigo dress and unclasped her bra. She paused. Did she really want to remove her panties?


Taking a deep breath, Rochelle slid them down her legs. She was naked.


Her feet paddled lightly over the carpeted floor as she made her way to the massage table that he had set up for her. Wrapping the towel around herself she ungracefully lifted herself onto the table, lying face down, her head propped up by her arm. She untucked the towel from beneath her body, making it easier for William to move it when he needed too.


She swallowed. Her mouth felt dry. She had hoped that after their conversation she wouldn’t have been so nervous.


William was right; he wasn’t like Ryan at all. She didn’t feel intimidated by his presence. If anything, he felt more like someone she wanted to call a friend. Her mind raced as she absentmindedly twirled a strand of her hair around her finger. At this moment, she wasn’t sure she could go through with actually sleeping with him.


“Are you ready?”


The bathroom door opened and William stepped out. Rochelle craned her neck, looking over her shoulder at him and began laughing.


He stood before her wearing the jumper of her football team, complete with matching shorts. The bet they had placed over the Grand Final had been honoured.


“See, I told you everyone looks better in yellow and black,” Rochelle said coyly, checking to ensure she was covered fully by the towel draped over her back. William laughed, rubbing his hands together gleefully as he approached her.


“Do you want to use the face hole, or would you prefer a pillow for your comfort?” he asked, leaning in to give her another kiss.


“Pillow please,” Rochelle answered, propping herself up a little to reveal the curve of her naked breasts. William obliged, setting down a pillow on his massage table for her.


He slid the towel down her body, revealing half her back. Rochelle shifted uncomfortably. She didn’t want him paying attention to the scars that lined her skin.


William drizzled cool oil across her back. Rochelle jumped as she felt it touch her skin.


His hands roamed over her bare flesh, kneading her back. Rochelle felt her eyes close as she enjoyed him working her body over.


Every once in a while she would feel him give her a quick kiss. She smiled to herself, letting her mind relax.


The towel was moved to one side. The cool air brushed against her exposed skin. Her eyes snapped open briefly as the oil hit the curve of her backside. Is this about to get dirty? She thought as his hands returned to her body.


William worked her lower back, taking his time, savoring the view of her body.


He had talked to her for so long before meeting her. He knew she wasn’t proud of the way she looked. But right here, in this very moment, she was the sexiest thing he had seen. His eyes drifted down her back. He saw the scar that she was so ashamed of. He gave it a gentle rub, his thumb tracing over the line. Did she just moan? Damn. That was hot.


He moved to the other side of the table, covering Rochelle back up before exposing the other side of her. Her eyes were open and she had an odd expression on her face.


“Are you alright?” William asked, moving into her line of sight.


Rochelle’s head snapped up. “Oh yes,” she replied. “Don’t mind me. I’m mentally writing this down so I can give an accurate portrayal of events when I actually sit down to write this.”


William chuckled. In the earlier stages of their chat, Rochelle had asked him if she could write about their tryst together. “I’m wanting to write a novel,” she had explained. William had agreed. Now knowing she was already planning out the story in her mind, made his cock spring to life.


There was so much he wanted to do with her, but this wasn’t about him.


He caught her eye, a smirk lingering on her lips.


“I can’t believe you’re actually wearing that,” she quipped, a little giggle escaping her.


“A bet’s a bet.”


“Yeah, you lost,” she taunted.




His hand came down on her bare ass. Rochelle let out a surprise gasp, turning her head, her eyes flashing bright green. William smiled as he caught sight of a mischievous glint in her eyes.


He smiled at her and went back to work, commenting on how soft her skin was. Rochelle murmured a reply of thank you. She adjusted herself on the pillow, moving her hair from the nape of her neck to one side, revealing a much loved tattoo that was in desperate need of a touch up.


William couldn’t resist. He lent down, his lips pressing against her delicate skin. She closed her eyes, a low moan escaping her. This was the most relaxed she had felt in months, if not years.


“You really do have a magic hands,” she told him, her voice thick with desire.


William leaned in close, his lips brushing her ear. “I haven’t gotten to the good stuff yet,” he whispered. “And I am better with my tongue.”


Rochelle swallowed hard. Her thighs clamped together as a familiar tingling feel spread throughout her body. She began to wonder if he could smell her arousal.


William continued rubbing her back, his hands exploring every curve of her body. Feeling her hips, the curve of her ass, her calves.


Rochelle was in heaven and, despite her previous reservations about the date. William was doing everything he promised. He was taking care of her.


As she sank further into ecstasy, something about the rhythm of his pressure changed. Opening one eye, Rochelle glanced around the room.


She was about to call out to him when she felt his body on hers. His chest against her back.


Panic arose deep inside Rochelle. It wasn’t what William was doing that terrified her. It was whether or not the massage table could hold both their weight. She began panting, her right hand gripping the table, as she felt his erect cock press against her ass.


He ground his body against her, nudging her with the tip of his cock. Rochelle gasped as she felt him pressing along her spine, kneading each muscle with his strong hands.


William climbed off her and Rochelle felt a sudden loss of closeness. He rubbed her down, removing any extra oil with the towel before asking her to turn over.


“But I’m comfortable,” Rochelle commented, rolling as gracefully as she could so that she was now staring at the celling of the hotel suite.


“Let’s spice it up a bit.”


Rochelle stared up at him, a smile creeping to her lips.


“Anything you can dish out, I can take,” she replied. Surprise flickered in her eyes. Did she really just say that?


William smiled and told her lift her head. He placed a blindfold over her eyes, tugging it gently into place.


“Hello darkness, my old friend,” Rochelle stated, her tongue wetting her lips.


William lent down and kissed her. Rochelle whimpered, silently pleading for him to touch her, to give her an orgasm.


He took her wrists, lifting them until they were over her head. Holding her right wrist, Rochelle gasped as she felt cool metal touch her skin. She heard something snap into place. She felt William hold the other wrist. She heard another snap. She pulled her wrists. He had handcuffed her.


“I think I packed the key,” he teased, kissing her.


Rochelle felt her breath hitch. Her chest rose with anticipation.


She felt the towel slowly dragging down her body. Her nipples rose to attention as the towel dropped over the curve of her breasts.


The towel continued to slide over her body, her skin tingling.


William pulled the towel off. She was exposed, her body on display to him. For the first time since he put the blindfold on her, she felt grateful that she couldn’t see his face. While she knew he wouldn’t be staring at her in absolute repulsion, her insecurities bubbled to the surface.


When his mouth enclosed around one of her nipples, Rochelle gasped, her back arching slightly.


He moved to the other nipple, sucking it into his mouth, his tongue flickering over the delicate bud.


Rochelle let out a whimper when he pulled away. He returned just moments later with a gentle smack to the side of her hip. It shocked Rochelle, but not enough to cause her to cry out.


He gave her another playful spank. Rochelle was a little more prepared for it. She didn’t utter a sound as he delivered another spank followed by another.


She held her breath, anticipating another strike, but it never came. Instead she felt the sensation of a Wartenberg Wheel running up her leg, across her stomach, over her breast, stopping on her nipple before moving to the other side of her body and working its way down.


William enjoyed watching her body react. He knew from previous conversations that Rochelle had vast knowledge of the BDSM community and often participated in its practices. He wanted to see how far he could push her.


Her chest rose as she waited for what he was going to do next.

A cold sensation crossed her nipples and she let out gasp. She could feel him icing her nipples, trailing the ice cube down her stomach before briefly resting it between her thighs.


Rochelle wet her lips, her mouth parting. William iced her nipples again, his mouth enveloping them, giving her the sensation of cold and warmth. He traced her lips with the ice cube before sliding it back between her legs.


Rochelle felt a small spasm pass through her body. Her first orgasm of the day. It was small, but it was definitely there. William was the conductor and she was his instrument. And boy, did he know how to play her.


As the sensation of cold disappeared from her private area, William parted her legs a little wider. Rochelle’s ears pricked up as she caught the faint sound of vibrations. Sure enough, she felt him touching her with a vibrator, teasing her already aroused clitoris with the strong vibrations before moving back up to her nipples.


Rochelle moved her head from side to side, her hips bucking slightly as he teased and tormented her body. The man was a master of foreplay.


She felt him at her wrists, the sounds of the metal unclasping flooded her ears. She shook her arms, getting the sensation of feeling back into them.


William removed her blindfold, leaving Rochelle stunned by the sudden influx of light. She blinked rapidly, trying to adjust her vision.


He assisted her in sitting up on the massage table, his arms wrapping around her waist as their lips met in the most passionate kiss she had given him since they met. Her body ached for his touch.


With as much grace as a baby giraffe, she slid off the table as William led her to the bed. She laid down as he moved in between her legs.


“You are so sexy,” he gushed, rubbing the head of his cock against the outside of her moist pussy. Unable to speak, Rochelle watched as he rolled a condom on to his impressive erection. She hoped all his foreplay would work and that she’d be wet enough to handle him.


William slid inside her and her eyes rolled back. Yes, this was perfect. Her legs wrapped around his body as he thrusted his hips forwards, sending himself deeper into her.


Her fingertips traced over his arms, moving to his shoulders, before sliding back down his chest, stopping on his side. He nuzzled her neck, listening to her panting, as she met him thrust for thrust. The urgency built between them as William reached around her, his hands running through her hair, gripping it firmly.


Rochelle’s eyes flickered open as she stared up at him. She locked eyes with William and chewed her bottom lip as he lifted her legs, moving her into a slightly different position. Rochelle felt her eyes soften, closing as he quickened his pace, pounding into her flesh.


Her hands dropped from his body, gripping at the sheets of the bed. She could feel an orgasm building deep within her. Two months without sex had surprising results. She wanted him more than she ever thought. She was unashamedly clawing at the bed, begging him to fuck her harder.


William pulled away from her and Rochelle cried out in disappointment.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he told her.


Rochelle obliged, wiggling her ass for good measure. William’s hand came down on her bare flesh. “You have a fantastic ass,” he commented, his hands gripping her hips, pulling her back to his waiting cock. He slid into her with ease as Rochelle let out a low moan. She was definitely a fan of doggy style.


As he plowed into her from behind, his hand reached down, gripping at her hair, gently pulling it back causing her back to arch.


“Babe, look at the mirror,” he said, his teeth gritted as he quickened his pace. “Watch yourself.”


Rochelle opened one eye and caught a glimpse of herself in the full length mirror. Her body was contorted in an unnatural position and William was ploughing into her body from behind. She quickly looked down, her hair falling in front of her eyes. Suddenly, she felt embarrassed by what was happening. She dragged a pillow beneath her breasts, gripping it tightly as she rode out another mini orgasm.


William lent forward, his cock still buried deep inside her. “Do you need a break, or do you want to keep going?” he asked, kissing her shoulders.


Rochelle craned her neck to give him her most flirtatious glance. “I can keep going,” she purred. “Don’t stop.”


That was music to William’s ears. He flipped her on her back, pulled her legs apart, her ankles on his shoulders. His thumb rubbed her clitoris while he fucked her.


Every once in a while Rochelle managed to open her eyes and the look that crossed her face made William groan. Seductive didn’t start to describe it. It was a gaze of burning desire. So erotic. He loved the intensity of her gaze, especially when it resulted in her legs locking around him, pulling him closer to her.


She lifted her head, forcefully kissing him, her tongue massaging his. She broke the kiss, gasping as William moved to nibble her neck.


Her head rolled back, her eyes fluttering open. She caught a glance of herself in the mirror. This time she didn’t turn away. She watched as he tossed her legs over his shoulders again. She could see the pleasure in her eyes. It was sexy. If it was possible, it turned her on more.


She turned back to William, her eyes studying his face.


He smiled down at her, his thumb returning to her clitoris, rubbing in soft, circular motion. Rochelle’s back arched. If he continued to do that, she’d very easily orgasm again.


As soon as her thighs began to tremble, William slammed his hips against her. He wanted to feel her body spasm as she came. He didn’t have to wait long, his hand roaming over her breasts, tweaking her nipples.


Rochelle bucked against him. Was that orgasm three or four? Oh, who cared at this point?


William laid down beside her, his hand stroking over her body with light feathery touches. “Do you need a break?” he asked, a mysterious twinkle in his eye.


Rochelle shook her head. “I have a large sexual appetite,” she responded, giving him a sly smile and a casual shrug of her shoulders.


William propped himself up on one elbow. “Good. Because I want to go down on you,” he replied, his fingers tracing an invisible line over the curve of her belly.


“Oh, you do?” Rochelle felt her heart flutter.


William kissed her. “Oh yeah,” he teased. “It’s all I’ve wanted to do since you shared that photo.”


Rochelle’s eyes widened. In a moment of weakness, she had done something she was normally against. She had sent William an explicit photo of herself. She felt her face burning and she knew she was blushing.


William moved in between her legs. She felt his breath on her pussy.


When the tip of his tongue traced small circles on her clitoris, she lost it. Her hand grasped the bedding. “Holy shit!” she cried, letting the tingling feeling sweep over her.


Just as she came down from her orgasmic high, William pressed the vibrator against her clit.


Rochelle bucked, her leg shooting out. She didn’t mean to kick him. She just wasn’t prepared to cum again, let alone so quickly.


Frantically, she pulled away from him, trying to avoid the vibrator against her clitoris. William held her in place.


“Please,” she begged. “Take it away. Please!”


William obliged. The buzzing stopped.


Rochelle began to relax again, sinking into the bed, her face flushed.


She winced as William slid his finger into her, his tongue lapping at her juices that seeped from her. He sucked her clit into his mouth as he added a second finger.


Rochelle let out a low moan, her hands moving up to her breasts as she cupped them in her hands, her own nails digging into her flesh.


William pressed something harder against her pussy. It took Rochelle a moment to realize he had slipped the vibrator into her. He turned it on, first a low setting, before upping the intensity. It felt good. His tongue roaming over her at the same time was the most amazing feeling she had ever experienced.


As he moved the vibrator slowly in and out of her, Rochelle’s eyes drifted back to the mirror. She couldn’t believe how much of a turn on it was for her to see William’s head between her legs. She was so wet, she could feel her moisture trickling down her thighs.


The vibrator stopped.


“I want you to ride me, baby,” he told her.


Rochelle sat up, her legs shaking. “I-I-I can’t,” she stuttered. “I’ve never done that before.”


She ducked her head, embarrassed. William propped himself up on the bed. “Sure you can,” he told her.


Rochelle straddled him, lining up her body with his cock. “I’m probably going to kill you,” she said, her voice breaking. “I weigh the same as a baby hippo.” William shot her a disapproving look and placed his hand on her hip, guiding her onto him.


Her eyes shot open as she sank onto his manhood. This certainly was a new experience for her. Her hand rested against the headboard as she slowly slid up and down his shaft. She had no idea what she was doing.


All she knew was that she was sure she looked awkward.


Her hair brushed over William’s face. His hands gripped her hips. “You’re a natural, babe,” he told her. He patted his chest. “Rest against me. Let me fuck you.”


As she rested against his muscular torso, she felt him thrusting up inside her. Her lips brushed against his ear as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. She couldn’t believe how bold she was acting.


“What’s your favourite position?”




Rochelle snapped out of her thoughts, leaning back, her hands on William’s muscular thighs. His thumb moved back to her clit, rubbing it as she slowly grinded on his shaft.


“Well, right now……” She let her voice trail off as another mini orgasm washed over her.


William flashed a perfect smile at her.


“Doggy,” she croaked out.




“My favourite position is doggy.”


William helped her off him, positioning her on her hands and knees before sinking his cock into her one last time. His hands landed on her shoulders, arching her back. She pressed back against him, grinding her hips.


A familiar buzzing noise filled the air. William pressed the vibrator against her clit. That was all she needed.


Sweat dripped down her nose as she buried her face into a pillow, crying out in pleasure.


“Take it away,” she cried. “Please?”


William turned the vibrator off, tossing it aside.


Rochelle collapsed on the bed. William laid down next to her. She glanced over at him and smiled. Her eyes flickered over the clock.


William kissed her shoulder, his hand roaming over her curves, stopping to caress her ass.


“Don’t start something you can’t finish,” Rochelle warned, indicating to the clock. “It looks like my time is nearly over.”


The moment she said it, she wished she had his full overnight fee available in her bank account. She would have easily giving him her ATM code if it meant she didn’t have to leave.


“I think Ryan has some serious competition,” she mused.


William seemed caught off guard by her statement. Rochelle turned to look at him. “I’m serious,” she insisted. “I had more fun with you today.”


“That might be because you had more time with me,” William told her, his hand lazily stroking his cock. Rochelle nodded, chewing on her nail. “Maybe,” she admitted. “My biggest regret is that I didn’t have Ryan longer.”


William chuckled. “There’s always next time,” he told her.


Rochelle absentmindedly nodded. She sat up and slid off the bed to retrieve her clothes.


William watched her get dressed, his hand still stroking his erection. Part of him wished she didn’t have to leave.


As Rochelle slipped her foot into her high heel she turned to him.

“Thank you for being able to see me,” she told him.


He gave her another kiss and a quick hug. “It was my pleasure,” he replied. “And hopefully yours too.” He winked for good measure.


Rochelle giggled. This is what she liked most about William. He made her feel comfortable, relaxed. She wasn’t intimidated by him, despite his profession. He held open the door for her and she exited his room. She slowly made her way down the corridor towards the elevator.


She pressed the button. The door opened and she stepped inside.


As she pressed the button for the ground floor, tears formed in her eyes. The doors slid shut and the elevator began to slowly descend floors.


She caught sight of her reflection in the doors. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, Rochelle blinked rapidly in a feeble attempt to stop herself from crying. She began to fan her face with her hand.


The elevator stopped moving. The doors opened to the lobby of the hotel. She stepped out, her heels clicking on the tiled floor with each step she took.


She made her way to the parking garage and climbed into her car. The guilt and shame of paying for sex had flooded her thoughts. She had hoped that she was over that. She had gotten along so well with William that the entire time she was with him, money hadn’t entered her mind at all.


Closing her eyes, Rochelle began to focus on her breathing. When she opened them, she caught her reflection in the rear view mirror. Memories of watching herself being fucked by William flooded back and forced a smile to her face as she started the car.


She’d never be able to look at a mirror in quite the same light.


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