Rhiannon Elizabeth Irons The Twisted Tale Of Little Red Riding Hood

It looms before me

Watching my every move

Hunting me

Stalking me wherever I turn


I can feel its breath

On the back of my neck

Its drool

Burns the tenderness of my skin


Its jaws are open wide

Showing off its teeth

Its foul breath

Fills my nostrils with a sense of dread


I can see its body

Covered in thick fur

Larger than life

Bigger than first imagined


I call for help

My voice is weak

No louder than a mouse

It's barely a squeak


I clear my throat

And try again

Yelling louder this time

Praying someone hears


Someone does

They pound on the door

Calling out

Begging me to answer


I turned my head

As the monster leans in

It sniffs me

And I cower and cringe


I let out a scream

As it licks my cheek

Tasting the salty texture

Of my tender skin


That's when I turn to look

Facing my fears

I open my mouth

But nothing comes out


Its paw holds my throat

Its claws sharp

It begins to snarl

Its lip curls up


"My, what big eyes you have"

It says with a smirk

"Don't worry, my dear,

There's nothing to fear

But for what it's worth

Grandma says that woodsman's a jerk."


It smiles

Its teeth gleam in the light

I let out a scream

As I feel its fangs bite


Now I wander the woods

Somewhere between death and life

Warning all those

Of a creature that stalks the night


My cape is torn

My dress is ripped

I am doomed

To wander forever


And every now and then

I can do nothing but gulp

As I hear its laughter

The laughter of the Big Bad Wolf


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